Control4 Luxul Driver Package


Controls a Luxul switch that has been setup with JADConfig.

Switching driver supports up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

Also includes endpoint control driver and documentation.


Download Control4 Luxul Driver


  • avswitch_ip_JustAddPower_Luxul.c4i - Luxul switching driver v1.07
    • Unlabeled driver is 32x32.
    • Various sizes are available - 64x64, 64x128, 128x128 - but can cause Composer to crash if the virtual matrix does not have enough available memory. These driver sizes represent maximum sizing and will support any smaller system.
  • proxy_ip_JustAddPower_TerminalServer.c4i - Just Add Power Serial over IP and Layer 3 driver v2.12
    • Behaves like a display in Composer with an HDMI input, Serial output and CEC power on and off commands


  • Updated for Composer 2.10
  • Bug fix so Console Command (advanced) will handle special characters properly
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  • 19-Jun-2019