Control4 Luxul Driver Package

Download Control4 Luxul Driver

Control4 drivers for Just Add Power 2G and 3G systems for supported Luxul switches.

  • AMS-1208P
  • AMS-2600
  • AMS-2616P
  • AMS-4424P
  • XMS-2624P
  • XMS-5248P
  • XMS-7048P

Also includes the Layer 3 endpoint driver and all documentation.

Attachment contains:

  • Luxul switching driver v1.07 - avswitch_ip_JustAddPower_Luxul.c4i
    • The default driver is 32x32. All systems smaller than 32x32 should use the default driver
    • Various other sizes are now present to more closely match actual system size. These driver sizes represent maximum sizing and will support any smaller system.
    • avswitch_ip_JustAddPower_Luxul_64x64.c4i
    • avswitch_ip_JustAddPower_Luxul_128x128.c4i
  • Just Add Power Serial over IP and Layer 3 driver v2.10 - proxy_ip_JustAddPower_TerminalServer.c4i
  • JADConfig Instructions.pdf
  • JADConfig - Control4 Driver Guide.pdf
  • JAD User Guide v2.7.pdf


  • Updated for Composer 2.10
  • Endpoint driver acts as a TV driver
  • CEC commands built into TV driver
  • Reworked Control4 Driver Guide - IR Dongle, Video Wall, Switching
  • Fixed an issue with PoE control


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  • 22-Feb-2018