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Bonjour Browser - network discovery tool

Bonjour Browser is a utility to discover services on a local area network (LAN) using multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) service records.

In a Just Add Power system, Bonjour Browser is used to find the IP address of Just Add Power Transmitters and Receivers that are part of the same LAN as the computer.

Just Add Power devices will show up in the Web Server (HTTP) Service as:

  • 2G Transmitter - ast-gateway
  • 2G Receiver - ast-client
  • 2GΩ/3G Transmitter - ast-gateway (in 2G Mode) or ast3-gateway (in 3G Mode - default)
  • 2GΩ/3G Receiver - ast-client (in 2G Mode) or ast3-client (in 3G Mode - default)
  • 3G Transmitter - ast3-gateway
  • 3G Receiver - ast3-client

A Just Add Power device at default settings will have an IP address of 169.254.X.Y with a subnet mask of X and Y will be randomly assigned values from 0-255

Identify the IP address of the Just Add Power device using Bonjour, set the IP address on the PC to match the IP scheme of the Just Add Power device - with mask of for a Just Add Power device at default settings - and open a web page to the IP of the Just Add Power device to access the web interface.

 Bonjour Browser 3G Transmitter

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  • 03-May-2019