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Installation Checklist



  • Dedicated Cat5e or better cable from the switch location to each Just Add Power Receiver
  • Dedicated Cat5e or better cable from the switch location to each Just Add Power Transmitter
  • HDMI cable to connect each Transmitter to source, and each Receiver to display


  • One Just Add Power Receiver per display
  • One Just Add Power Transmitter per source
  • Managed gigabit Ethernet switch with enough ports for each Just Add Power device plus one port for control access - Supported Switches
  • Windows PC with the latest version of JADConfig installed
  • Control system


  • Disconnect HDMI cables from all Transmitters
  • Run JADConfig to configure the switch and all Just Add Power devices

Set Static Route - 2 options

  1. Log into the router and apply the appropriate Static Route. Routing information can be found in the JADConfig Report file.
  2. Set the Default Gateway of the control system processor to the IP Address of the managed gigabit Ethernet switch

Program Control System

  • If using a driver programmed by Just Add Power - AMX, Control4, Crestron, RTI - download the driver from the Just Add Power support site. The latest versions of each driver no longer require a license key.
  • If using a 3rd-party driver, reach out to the programmer of that driver for setup information. Information on some 3rd-party drivers is available on the Just Add Power support site.
  • For Matrix Control, add one switch driver
  • Endpoint and Feature Control require additional drivers
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  • 05-May-2021