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[JADConfig] SwitchPlease Instructions


SwitchPlease is a web interface running on a single Receiver that provides full HDMI switching control for the Just Add Power HD over IP solution. No control system needed!

SwitchPlease is included in the core firmware starting at A6.5.5 and B1.0.0


  1. IP address of  Just Add Power setup and installation
  2. Fully configured JADConfig system on a supported Luxul or Cisco switch at DEFAULT username/password
  3. Static route from the data network to the Just Add Power network


  1. Run JADConfig to configure the switch and all devices, making sure to load the latest firmware.
  2. Enable SwitchPlease on only one Receiver:
    • If you are on firmware B2.0.0 or later, go to the webUI System tab. Enable SwitchPlease and Apply+Save+Reboot.
    • If you are on an earlier firmware, the command must be applied through the Console API box on the web interface, or via telnet.
astparam s switchplease y;astparam save;reboot
  1. The Receiver will reboot. When it comes back up, open the web interface of the Receiver at http://[ReceiverIP]/switchplease.
  2. Select the Page icon at the bottom right to open the Settings Menu.

SwitchPlease Default Screen

  1. Expand the Receiver Settings option to set:
    • Name - The name of the Receiver in the interface
    • Show/Hide - Set whether the Receiver appears in the interface
    • Image Pull - Set whether the Image Pull image will show on the interface. Image Pull must be enabled separately as well.

Receiver Settings SwitchPlease

  1. Expand the Transmitter Settings option to set:
    • Name - The name of the Transmitter in the interface
    • Show/Hide - Set whether the Transmitter can be selected as a source

Transmitter Settings SwitchPlease

  1. Save changes
    • Select the "check" mark at the bottom center to save the settings to the local browser. The settings will only affect the local device accessing the Receiver.
    • Select the "disc" symbol at the bottom left to save settings to the Receiver itself. This will result in the settings being applied across all devices and browsers that access SwitchPlease.
    • Select the "X" to cancel changes.
    • If local settings and Receiver settings are present, local settings override Receiver settings.

Save Settings SwitchPlease

  1. Reload the page to apply all settings.

SwitchPlease With Settings


Switch a Single Receiver

  1. Click the Receiver box to select it. A Transmitter popup will appear.
  2. Click a Transmitter to switch. The popup will disappear.

Source selection

Switch Multiple Receivers

  1. Click on the square in the top right corner of the Receiver box. It will light up white.
  2. Continue to click squares until all Receivers are selected.
  3. Click any of the selected Receiver boxes to get the Transmitter popup.
  4. Click a Transmitter to switch. The popup will disappear.


Reset or Resize

If the system grows or shrinks in size, or the Receiver needs to be repurposed for a new system, follow the instructions below to reset SwitchPlease settings.

  1. Log into the webUI of the SwitchPlease Receiver
  2. Go to the CLI by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Enter or by selecting CLI from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner
  3. Execute the commands below:
    • rm /www/switchplease/json/systeminfo.json
    • json
  4. Reboot the Receiver

Set Switch Username/Password

The default username/password on supported Luxul and Cisco switches are also set as the default username/password inside SwitchPlease.

For users who need more security or are required to change the login credentials, apply the commands below via the CLI (telnet or through the webUI):

  • astparam s sw.user {$USERNAME}
  • astparam s sw.{$USERNAME} {$PASSWORD}
  • astparam save
  • reboot


  • Username and password cannot include the $ symbol

For example, if the switch username is Hello and the password is Goodbye007, then the string of commands would be:

  • astparam s sw.user Hello
  • astparam s sw.Hello Goodbye007
  • astparam save
  • reboot


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  • 28-Nov-2022