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3G+AVP Transmitter Microcode Update


Every Just Add Power 3G AVP Transmitter - models 718AVP and 749AVP - have an additional processor to control the Dolby DSP that allows for audio downmixing from surround sound to stereo.
That processor runs its own microcode that is independent of the standard Just Add Power firmware version. It must be updated via the 4-pin Molex connector at the bottom of the unit and requires a special hardware tool to perform the update.

From time to time, the microcode on the additional processor must be updated. Use the tools and procedure detailed below to perform that update.

These instructions were last updated in June 2020 and describe the process to add improved debugging to the microcode specifically for identifying the cause of an Audio Drop on specific cable/satellite sources.


Click the button above to download the folder containing:

  1. SyncMOS SMAP program: Used to load the microcode
  2. Microcode file: loaded onto the device using the SMAP program
  3. Just Add Power firmware: Loaded like any other Just Add Power firmware; activates the microcode

Required Hardware

  • Native Windows PC running Windows 7 or Later (Mac is unsupported)
  • SyncMOS Writer MSM9066 (USB Dongle) with cable (5-pin -> 4-pin Molex)
  • 3G+AVP Transmitter - models 718AVP or 749AVP

Update Instructions

Update Part 1 - MSM9066 Writer & Microcode

It is extremely important that instructions are followed in the order provided. Deviation from these instructions could cause irreversible damage to the unit. This is the starting point for all instructions.

  1. Connect the SyncMOS Write USB Dongle to the cable as shown below

  2. Connect the SyncMOS USB Dongle to your PC, and the 4-pin Molex to the 4-pin port on the bottom of the 718AVP Transmitter. The 749AVP consists of 3 separate devices so you will need to perform this process 3 times while connected to each device.

  3. Open the SyncMOS SMAP program
    • Select writer MSM 9066
    • If prompted, update the firmware on the SyncMOS Dongle. Do not change the default values the program chooses.
    • Use the image below to identify sections in the remaining steps

  4. In the top-left next to MCU, click the Select button and choose SM59R16A5L, 3V.
  5. Below on the left side next to Code and ISP, click the Select button. Click the Select button to the right of Code in the main window. In the popup:

    • Confirm the Initial Value is set to FF
    • Check the box next to Code and click the corresponding Open button
    • Browse to the downloaded folder and select the file MCU_FW_V3.05.hex.
    • Click OK to confirm and close the popup.
  6. In the right menu, select the Configuration tab and set ISP Start Addr (N) to No ISP Code. Leave all other settings the same.
  7. In the lower-left section:
    • Set On-line ICP if not already selected
    • Set the dropdown to Custom speed and set the value to 2
    • Check the box for Chip Erase
    • Uncheck the box for Blank Check
    • Check the box for Program
    • Uncheck the box for Verify
    • Check the box for Protect
    • Check the box for MCU Reset
  8. Power ON the 718AVP Transmitter and allow it to fully boot-up. The Transmitter will have a solid Power light, and a blinking or solid Data light.
  9. Click Autorun.
  10. The text in the bottom-right corner will display the result. A successful run will show the text Reset MCU finished!
  11. Power-cycle the Transmitter to complete Part 1 of the update. Move to Part 2.
  12. To program additional units, move the white 4-pin connector to the next device and repeat Steps 8-11.

Update Part 2 - Firmware

Perform these steps to update the AVP TX firmware ONLY AFTER COMPLETING PART 1. Performing the parts out of order could cause damage to the unit and void the warranty.

  1. If the Just Add Power system is not on at least firmware B2.0.5, update firmware on all devices. If devices are already on B2.0.5, you only need to update the Transmitter to B2.0.6. If ALL devices are already on B2.0.6, you can skip steps 4-7 below.
  2. The last step of Part 1 was to power-cycle the Transmitter - remove power, count to 5, reapply power. Confirm that the Transmitter has a solid Power light, and a blinking or solid Data light before proceeding.
  3. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the Transmitter to access the webUI.
  4. Select the Update button on the right side.

  5. Browse to the downloaded folder and select the file B2.0.6_3G_TX.bin.
  6. Click Upload. Allow the upload to complete. You will notice the unit reboot and the web page reload when the update is complete.
  7. Go back to the webUI again. The Firmware Version now reads B2.0.6.
  8. If there are other units that need this update, repeat Steps 2-7 for each one.
  9. To confirm that the Part 1 update ran successfully:
    • Click the menu in the top right and go to the Command Line Interface
    • Type and send the command VERSION_READ and look for the response V3.05 2020-06-08
  10. Part 2 is complete.


If you experience any issues with the AVP Transmitter after performing the microcode update:

  1. Contact support for assistance with enabling EZLogger Remote Logging.
  2. Allow the log to run until the issue occurs. Contact support and provide the exact date and time that the issue occurred along with your Token/Ticket#.
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  • 25-Nov-2020