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Hybrid Firmware: A6.5.9-LTS.v3

Release Date




  • A6.5.9-X firmware places devices into "2G Mode" by default
  • Unless running a system consisting of both 2G devices and 2GΩ/3G or 3G devices, there is NO reason to use the LTS series of firmware
  • All A6.5.9-X firmware versions are compatible with each other
  • A6.5.9-X firmware versions are NOT compatible with versions earlier than A6.5.9
  • A6.5.9 is NOT compatible with 3G-only hardware
    • 708POE
    • 737WARP
    • 767DSS

Firmware A6.5.9-LTS will only be updated to adapt to changes in 1080p sources and displays.

For the latest firmware for 3G Systems, please see justOS - Firmware B.


Firmware A6.5.9-LTS is intended to be the last firmware that supports 2G devices. It will only be updated to adapt to changes in 1080p sources and displays.

Major Changes

  • Added support for the 2G/3G SX Sound Transceiver
    • Operational Mode of the ST1 is dependent on the position of the jumpers on the bottom of the hardware unit
    • Changing operational mode requires a reboot of the device

Bug Fixes

  • Devices will now properly default to 2G Mode without needing to manually apply

Known Issues

  • None

Previous A6.5.9-LTS Versions


Release Date


Bug Fixes

  • CEC now works correctly on 2G units


Release Date


Bug Fixes

  • Cable and satellite sources no longer freeze video after outputting a bad video frame on resolution change
  • Satellite boxes no longer output black video when changing resolution on Native Mode
  • BT2020 Color Space is less dull
  • HDMI loopout on 715POE is enabled by default
  • Fixed startup race condition that caused mDNS announcements to report devices as "HTTP on none", causing discovery failures
  • Corrected update scripts to account for POSIX sh compliance, allowing updates directly from firmware prior to A6.4.12
  • `` will not record the discovered model in the filesystem cache until 60 seconds of uptime (to allow for all SCU level checks to complete)
  • Fixed startup issue that would cause SwitchPlease to fail to load

Known Issues

  • Some cable/satellite sources can cause an audio drop on 718AVP and 749AVP Transmitters
    • Fix by disabling mic/line inputs
    • Fix live by power-cycling the TX or applying `` via telnet when the problem occurs
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  • 11-Apr-2022