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Download AMP: Configure a 3G Ultra or MaxColor System


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AMP - Advanced Matrix Programmer - configures 3G Ultra or MaxColor devices into an HDMI matrix switching system.

AMP is the spiritual successor to JADConfig. If you were previously using JADConfig to configure 3G Ultra systems, you can continue to use it for maintaining those systems. However, we recommend that NEW systems should be configured with AMP.

There are two types of systems that can be configured by AMP:

  1. Standardized Configuration - AMP configures all Just Add Power devices and the switch. System uses supported switches from this list. Select Let's Go! to get started.
  2. Alternate Configuration - AMP configures all Just Add Power devices. The switch must be configured by the user according to our minimum requirements. Select Alternate Configuration to get started.

Standardized Configuration is preferred. It essentially converts the switch into a video matrix switcher, with the added benefit of being able to use extra ports for data devices.

See Standard vs Alternate Configuration to determine which type of system is best for the job site.

Begin planning a MaxColor system here.

Begin planning a 3G Ultra system here.

Compare MaxColor and 3G Ultra here.

Version Information


If you are on any version that starts with v0, please update to 1.0.1. To enable auto-update, use the top-left menu to set the program to Beta, then close and re-open the program.

Standard Configuration Supported Switches

In Standard Configuration, the program configures the switch and all Just Add Power devices for you! AMP VLAN supports up to 63 switches in a system.

Standardized Configuration Supported Switch List

Alternate Configuration Switch Requirements

In Alternate Configuration, the switch must meet minimum requirements. You are responsible for configuring the switch; Just Add Power provides example profiles, but AMP does NOT configure the switch.

Just Add Power Firmware

3G: B2.3.9

MaxColor: MAX v3.7.4

Recent Changes

  • Rearranged main screen to give two options:
    • Let's Go builds a Standardized Configuration
    • Alternate Configuration configures only Just Add Power devices
  • Added an option to change debugging level
  • Added new diagram for multi-switch systems to show where to connect SFP+ ports
  • New color scheme for Alternate Configuration

Known Issues

  • None