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2G Omega Transmitter Comparison


Models that are labeled as 2GΩ/3G are capable of 1080p resolution maximum and are compatible with 3G Ultra devices. "Transmitter" describes the source-side encoding device and there are various models meant for different requirements at the source location. All models are compatible with each other so they can be used in the same installation. Use this article to help with choosing the model that best serves the video, audio, and hardware needs of each source location.

2GΩ/3G units can also be expansion or replacement units for legacy 2G systems.

If you are planning a 4K30 project, see the 3G Ultra Transmitter Comparison article instead.

Features of All Models

Feature Description
1080p Video Up to 1920x1200 resolution support
Instant-Seamless Switching Switch from one source to another without the display realizing the source changed.
Image Pull Snapshot an image of video for display on any network-accessible device.
Endpoint control Control sources and displays with IR, RS232, and CEC.

Baseline Model

Model Number

Model Name

  • 2GΩ/3G POE Transmitter


  • HDMI In
  • Gigabit network with POE
  • RS232
  • Power


  • All audio formats supported. Audio is passed-through to the display endpoint with no modification.

Other Models

The baseline model - 705POE - is powered by POE and has 1080p video, pass-through any audio, instant-seamless switching, RS232/IR/CEC control, and image pull. The models below should be specified if additional features not present on the 705POE are needed.

Model Variation from Baseline Model Example
715POE Gains:
 1) HDMI loopout
 2) Stereo Out port
 3) USB port
Add a source that needs USB, local HDMI loopout, or Stereo Out port
767DSS Adds:
 1) Dante Sound System compabitility - LPCM audio
 2) HDMI loopout
 1) Audio support for formats other than LPCM
 2) RS232 port
Mix video distribution with Dante Sound System
 1) Inject HDMI source into Dante audio system
 2) Play Dante audio source through video distribution system
716VGA Adds:
 1) VGA In port
 2) Line In port
 3) USB port
 1) HDMI In port
Add a VGA source to the HDMI distribution system
725POE Gains:
 1) SDI In port
 2) HDMI loopout
 3) Stereo Out port
 1) HDMI In port
Add an SDI source to the HDMI distribution system
726TVI Gains:
 1) TVI In port
 2) HDMI loopout
 3) USB port
 1) HDMI In port
Add a TVI source to the HDMI distribution system

*IR control requires use of VBS-HDMI-IRD IR Dongle.

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