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Just Add Power RS232 Debug Cable


Every Just Add Power 2G and 3G device has a 3-pin molex port on it that acts as a debug port for device recovery. Diagnostic functions have moved to EZLogger and no longer need a Debug Cable.


On earlier 2G devices, the port is inside the case on the top part of the board

On later 2G devices and all 3G devices, the port is on the bottom of the case and accessible without removing any parts.


The pinout is a standard RS232 wiring of Transmit-Receive-Ground.

The most common connector uses a Molex PHR-3 connector on one end and a DB9 connector on the other end.

Acquire a Cable

You can make your own cable using the instructions and images above, or you can request a cable from our support team.

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  • 10-Nov-2020