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DeBrick: Recover a Just Add Power Device


DeBrick was created and is maintained by one of our business partners, Just Add Software.

DeBrick recovers 2G, 2GΩ/3G, and 3G devices that do not boot up properly after they have had their firmware update interrupted.

Debrick Window

Download Debrick

Video Walkthrough

Required Hardware

  • Just Add Power debug cable
  • PC with serial port or USB-to-serial adapter
  • Wired network connection
  • Power supply for Just Add Power device
    • 5-Volt, 2-Amp for 2G
    • 5-Volt to 23-Volt, 2-Amps or less for 2GΩ/3G and 3G


Debrick physical connections

  1. Make 2 physical connections between the Debrick PC and the Just Add Power device:
    • CatX network cable directly from PC to network port of device
    • RS232 debug cable connected from PC to white 3-pin port on bottom of device
  2. Leave the power cord disconnected at the beginning
  3. Select the Device Type for the unit being recovered
  4. Select the Serial Port for the RS232 debug cable connection and remove power from the device when prompted (if not already removed)
  5. Make sure the debug cable is connected, then select the box labeled Connect Bricked Device Directly to Computer via RS232 Console Port.
  6. When the popup message appears, apply power to the device. The green bar at the bottom will move to RS232 Connection Established.
  7. Make sure the network cable is connected directly between the PC and Just Add Power device, then select the box labeled Connect Bricked Device Directly to Computer Via Ethernet. A prompt will confirm.
  8. Select the wired Network Interface connected to the Just Add Power device.
  9. Select the box labeled Begin Recovery Process and allow the process to run to completion without interruption. DANGER: Interrupting the process before completion will most likely result in an unrecoverable unit.
  10. The Debrick process will take between 5 - 8 minutes depending on the unit type.
  11. When the Debrick process is completed, a prompt will ask if you want to update to the newest firmware (Debrick does not always contain the newest firmware). Choose the option needed.
  12. The unit is recovered and has all settings that were applied to it before the unit became damaged.


Error starting TFTP transfer

Error starting TFTP transfer

If this message appears, a firewall has prevented the debrick process from starting. Disable any firewall active on the computer AND go into Windows Firewall to allow Debrick through the firewall. Both steps are necessary even with the firewall disabled.

Allow app through firewall