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[JADConfig] Choosing the Right Switch


JADConfig is no longer being updated. New systems should use AMP to configure systems, and should use the Choosing the Right Switch for AMP VLAN article to choose a switch.

When planning an installation, one of the most important decisions is the managed gigabit Ethernet switch that is the center of the Just Add Power matrix.

JADConfig will fully configure the switches listed below and Just Add Power provides drivers to support them.

*If the Right Switch is too large to fit on one switch or there are multiple switch locations, please see Multi-Switch Considerations for JADConfig for cable recommendations and bandwidth guidelines for systems with multiple switches.

Supported Switches

The switches listed in this section are supported by JADConfig and are currently being manufactured


Model Ports On Max Devices PoE Ports Multi-Switch
AMS-1208P Rear 9 7  
AMS-1816P Rear 17 15  
AMS-2600 Rear 25 0  
AMS-2624P Rear 25 23  
XMS-1208P Front 9 7  
XMS-2624P Front 25 23  
SW-610-24P-R Rear 23 23 Must use AMP
SW-610-48P-F Front 47 47 Must use AMP


Model Ports On Maximum Devices PoE Ports Multi-Switch
CBS350-8P-2G Front 6 9  
CBS350-8P-E-2G Front 6 9  
CBS350-8FP-2G Front 8 9  
CBS350-8FP-E-2G Front 8 9  
CBS350-16P-2G Front 12 15  
CBS350-16P-E-2G Front 12 15  
CBS350-16FP-2G Front 15 15  
CBS350-24P-4G Front 19 23  
CBS350-24FP-4G Front 23 23  
CBS350-48P-4G Front 37 47  
CBS350-48FP-4G Front 47 47  
The SG350X is not supported at this time. For multi-switch systems, use the SG550X.

Discontinued Switches

The switches listed below are still supported by Just Add Power and JADConfig but are no longer in production by the manufacturer.

Discontinued Model Maximum Devices Replacement Model
Luxul AMS-2600 25 Luxul AMS-2624P
Luxul AMS-2616P 25 Luxul AMS-2624P
Luxul AMS-4424P 368 (Stack) Luxul SW-610-24P-R
(must change system over to AMP)
Luxul XMS-5248P 47 Luxul SW-510-48P-F
(must change system over to AMP)
Luxul XMS-7048P 752 (Stack) Luxul SW-610-48P-F
(must change system over to AMP)
Cisco SG300 47 Cisco CBS350
Cisco SG350 51 Cisco CBS350
Cisco SG500 392 (Stack) Cisco CBS350(-X)
(must change system over to AMP)
Cisco SG500X 376 (Stack) Cisco CBS350(-X)
(must change system over to AMP)
Cisco SG550X 47 Cisco CBS350(-X)
(must change system over to AMP)
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