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Dante Audio with 767DSS


The 767DSS Dante Sound System Transmitter seamlessly merges the Just Add Power audio/video network with a Dante/AES67 audio network.

  1. Connect the 767DSS 1000BT LAN network port to the Just Add Power network and configure it like any other Transmitter
  2. Connect the 767DSS Dante network port to a Dante or AES67 multicast audio network. Up to 8 channels of audio from the HDMI input is transmitted to the Dante network.
  3. Connect an HDMI input to the 767DSS HDMI In port.
  4. Use the Dante Controller to choose the audio source(s) that will be coupled with the Transmitter video:
    • 767DSS is capable of 8 channels of PCM audio
    • 767DSS is both a Dante transmitter and receiver. It can send 8 audio channels and receive 8 audio channels.
    • By default, all Dante receiver audio channels are subscribed to their Dante transmitter counterparts. Simply, the 767DSS is listening to its own audio.
  5. The HDMI Out and the 1000BT LAN always output the same signal. It contains the HDMI In video plus the Dante audio channels chosen via the Dante Controller.
  6. The HDMI Out and 1000BT LAN work independently from one another.
  7. If the Dante network port is NOT connected, then no audio will play from the HDMI Out or the 1000BT LAN.


Audio Format

PCM, up to 8 channels

Sample Rate

All rates are @ 24 bits per sample

  • 44.1kHz
  • 48kHz
  • 88.2kHz
  • 96kHz
  • 176.4kHz
  • 192kHz


48kHz @ 24 bits per sample

Dante Controller

Matching of Dante transmitters to Dante receivers is done through the Dante Controller. The Just Add power 767DSS is managed in the same way.

767DSS as Dante Transmitter

Up to 8 channels of audio from the HDMI input of the 767DSS can be distributed to Dante Receivers. Use the Dante Controller to set the Dante Receivers to listen to the 767DSS.

767DSS as Dante Receiver

Up to 8 channels of audio from the Dante network can be sent to the 767DSS. Use the Dante Controller to set the 767DSS to listen to other Dante transmitters.

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  • 06-Oct-2020