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How-To: 2G+4+ Video Tiler

The PDF attached to this Knowledge Base article includes instructions on how to integrate the 2G+4+ Video Tiler into any new or existing 2G/2G+ system.

The 2G+4+ Video Tiler gives you the ability to mix four (4) video signals from any Just Add Power Transmitter in your matrix and combine those into a new video signal to be viewed by any Receiver in your matrix.

The 2G+4+ Video Tiler includes four (4) Just Add Power 2G Receivers, and one (1) 2G Transmitter in a 1RU rackmount casing. These 2G Receivers can view any Transmitter in the system (just like the other Receivers in your system), and the 2G+4+ Transmitter can then be viewed by any Receiver in your system (including other 2G+4+ Video Tilers).

This flexible and powerful method of video tiling gives you the ability to have a single 2G+4+ video tiler located in your rack that can be viewed by any and all displays in your system, rather than the old way of thinking about video tilers (requiring one for each display). The ability to have the 2G+4+ located in your equipment rack and be viewed anywhere in your system breaks the mold of what is possible with traditional video tiling devices.

Combining multiple 2G+4+ Video Tilers together can give you virtually unlimited number of images on a single display. No other video tiler solution comes close to the flexibility and options provided by the 2G+4+ Video Tiler when combined with a Just Add Power HD/IP matrix.

The newest Just Add Power firmware - A6.4.12 - along with a separate processor update to the 2G+4+ Tiler adds an Enhanced API that allows for video placement, video sizing, and fade.

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  • 24-Jul-2017