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JADConfig - Physical Connections


Two physical connections are needed to Setup a New System with JADConfig:

  1. Wired network connection from the JADConfig PC to port 1 of the switch. New systems MUST NOT be configured over wireless.
  2. Serial connection from the JADConfig PC to the Console port on the switch

The information below will assist with troubleshooting these connections.

Serial/Console Connection

A serial connection between the JADConfig PC and the switch is REQUIRED to setup a new system.

  1. Connect a USB-serial adapter to the JADConfig PC, or use the native DB9 port on the PC (if it is that ancient...)
  2. Connect the console cable (in the box with the switch) to the USB-serial adapter and to the Console port on the switch.


If the serial connection is not working as expected, JADConfig will stop early in the process. The serial cable is used starting at the beginning of the program. If you suspect serial connection issues:

  1. Confirm that the switch is a JADConfig supported switch. Only supported switches can be configured with JADConfig.
  2. Close JADConfig and use PuTTY to check that the serial connection is working properly.
    • Confirm that the USB-serial adapter is active on the PC. It will show up in Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT). Write down that number (it should be the same COM number in JADConfig).
    • Set PuTTY to use the USB-serial adapter COM number and set the Speed to 115200.

    • Open the window and hit the Enter key a few times.
    • If the serial connection is properly functioning, you will see text in the PuTTY window. The text will be either the Username/password or the switch prompt.
    • If there is no text, leave the PuTTY window open and reboot the switch. As the switch reboots, text should show up in the PuTTY window.
    • If there is still no text visible after rebooting the switch, the serial connection is faulty in one of 3 ways:
      • The serial port on the switch is not working. Contact the switch manufacturer for further troubleshooting.
      • The console cable is not working. Try another console cable or try adding a null modem jumper to the serial connection.
      • The COM port is identified incorrectly or the USB-serial adapter is not working. Try another USB-serial adapter.

Wired Network Connection

The wired network on the JADConfig PC can be connected in one of two ways:

  1. JADConfig is run at the jobsite with an active router. In this case, port 1 of the JADConfig switch must be connected to the data network and the JADConfig PC must also be connected to the data network. Some examples:
    • The JADConfig PC and port 1 of the JADConfig switch are both connected directly to the router providing internet access.
    • The router is connected to a data network switch. The JADConfig PC and port 1 of the JADConfig switch are both connected to a data network switch.

  2. JADConfig is run without a router. In this case, the JADConfig PC is directly connected to port 1 of the JADConfig switch. This is the connection used when the switch is being configured off-site, or if the job site has network security that prevents the switch from connecting to the network.


If the wired connection is not connected as expected above, JADConfig will run without issue until device discovery. If there are issues with device discovery, please perform these steps:

  1. Disable the wireless network adapter. Go to the Network & Internet settings in Windows and turn off Wi-Fi.

  2. Double-check that the wired network connection from the PC to the switch is in port 1 of the switch. If the network uplink is in any other port, not all devices will be discovered.
  3. Open up a command prompt (CMD) and run the command ipconfig. The settings on the network adapter should show an IP address in the range of the IP assigned to the switch. If not, close JADConfig, modify the network settings on the PC to match the subnet of the switch, then re-open JADConfig.

  4. If you are still having issues discovering Just Add Power devices, please see the article on device discovery troubleshooting. Along with other suggestions, one of the later steps involves removing the network from the equation and connecting the JADConfig PC directly to port 1.
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