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How To: Warp Engine Transmitter


The Warp Engine Transmitter adds the ability to rotate video in 0.1-degree increments and display on any Receiver in the system. Set it to view another Transmitter to have it rotate/scale the video and output the altered video to any Receiver in the system. Use it to build a Mosaic Video Wall at any angle from 0.0 to 359.9 degrees.

The Warp Engine Transmitter is a combination Transmitter-Receiver unit made of one (1) Transmitter and one (1) Receiver. Mount it in the main equipment rack and connect both network ports to the Just Add Power switch.


All commands are sent via telnet to the IP address of the Transmitter and appended with a carriage-return.
Commands are case-sensitive.

Function Command Variables Values Example Result
Rotate warp rotate $angle $angle 0.0 to 359.9 warp rotate 40.5 Rotates video 40.5 degrees counter-clockwise
clockwise warp rotate clockwise Rotates video by 1 degree clockwise
counter-clockwise warp rotate counter-clockwise Rotates video by 1 degree counter-clockwise
Scale warp scale $ratio $ratio 0.30 to 3.00 warp scale 0.45 Scales video to 45% of the original size
fill warp scale fill Scales video based on the current rotation value so no black space is visible
fit warp scale fit Scales video based on the current rotation value so all video is visible
shrink warp scale shrink Decrease scaling by 0.10
stretch warp scale stretch Increase scaling by 0.10
Demo warp demo $Q $Q loop warp demo loop Rotates video in 0.1-degree increments until stopped
stop warp demo stop Stop rotation
[blank] warp demo Rotate video one rotation, then stop
any integer warp demo 4 Rotate video 4 rotations, then stop

Mosaic Warp Wall

See the article on building a Mosaic Warp Wall with a Warp Engine Transmitter

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