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3G Device Commands


The 3G System includes all 2GΩ/3G and 3G devices. Essentially, any device in a black metal casing.

Commands on Just Add Power alter the live behavior of the device. Commands will execute immediately, but may not persist through reboot.

Requires devices to be on justOS firmware version B1.0.0 or later.

For Settings that alter the boot-up behavior of a device, see the 3G Device Settings article.


All Commands should be entered via the Command Line Interface accessible via:

  • Telnet to the IP of the unit, at port 23
  • RS232
    • White, 3-pin molex connector on the bottom of the unit. Make or request a Debug Cable to access.
    • 115200-8n1 baud rate

All Commands are case-sensitive.



Name Command Variable(s) Description Applicable Units Example
USB Activate usb start N/A Initiate USB connection with connected Transmitter. All RX usb start


Name Command Variable(s) Description Applicable Units Example
Receiver Video Control video $STATE mute Output black video and no audio All RX video mute
off Disable HDMI output
TV reports as if no HDMI is connected
video off
on Enable HDMI output
Opposite of off
video off
pause Freezes the last frame on screen video pause
play Resume the video
Opposite of pause and mute
video play
stop Stop network services, go to debug screen video stop
start Enable network services
Opposite of stop
video start
Transmitter Video Control video $STATE off Disable HDMI input
Act as if no source is connected
All TX video off
on Enable HDMI input
Opposite of off
video on
stop Disable multicast network stream video stop
start Enable multicast network stream
Opposite of stop
video start
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