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Bridging Options for Adding MaxColor to 3G Ultra Systems


It is first important to know that 3G Ultra and MaxColor devices CANNOT communicate directly with one another over the network. Additional hardware is needed to send MaxColor sources to 3G Ultra displays.

Bridging refers to the ability to use 3G Ultra devices and MaxColor devices in the same system so that any source can go to any display. Bridging options are intended for existing 3G Ultra systems that wish to add MaxColor devices without replacing the entire 3G Ultra systems.

For customers who initially invested in the Just Add Power 3G Ultra platform and are looking for a way to migrate toward MaxColor, there are some bridging options to ease the transition and protect customers' investment in their original 3G Ultra system.

Some cool things to know about your client's existing 3G Ultra system:

  1. The same managed Gigabit switch that is being used for the 3G Ultra system can also be used for MaxColor devices. There is no need to purchase an expensive 10Gb switch like some other 4K network systems require. With Just Add Power, 1Gb is all you need!
  2. The same network cabling infrastructure that works with 3G Ultra will also work with MaxColor! Because the 3G Ultra and MaxColor platforms are Gigabit network appliances (not baluns or fancy extension cords), the Cat5e UTP cabling currently in place will work great. There is no need to pull expensive 10Gb fiber runs to each video end-point.
  3. The 3G Ultra Receivers will still send all of your current sources to your clients' 4K TVs. Upgrading is only needed for sources and displays that need MaxColor's expanded video capabilities!

In some cases, bridging will not make sense. In these instances, you will want to start with all MaxColor to take full advantage of the expanded video capabilities.

Create a Bridge System

Part 1

Start with a 3G Ultra system:

Part 2

Add new sources that need MaxColor Transmitters and new displays that need MaxColor Receivers. At this point, the systems are running on the same switch, but cannot mix. 3G Ultra Receivers can only watch 3G Ultra Transmitters. MaxColor Receivers can only watch MaxColor Transmitters.

Part 3

In some cases, bridging does not make sense. Instead of bridging, put a MaxColor Receiver and 3G Ultra Receiver on the same display connected to different HDMI ports on the display. When watching a 3G Ultra source, set the HDMI port on the display to the 3G Ultra Receiver; vice versa for the MaxColor system.

Part 4

Because your client purchased a Just Add Power system, you have an option to bridge the 3G Ultra system and MaxColor system together. To watch a MaxColor source on a 3G Ultra display, purchase one additional MaxColor Receiver and one additional 3G Ultra Transmitter. Connect the additional pieces via HDMI, and set the MaxColor Receiver to scale video to 4K30. This creates a one-directional path for any MaxColor source to show on any 3G Ultra Receiver.

Part 5

To watch a 3G Ultra source on a MaxColor display, purchase one additional 3G Ultra Receiver and one additional MaxColor Transmitter. Connect the additional pieces via HDMI. This creates a one-directional path for any 3G Ultra source to show on any MaxColor Receiver.

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  • 15-Apr-2022