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MaxColor or 3G: Feature Comparison


When building a new AV over IP system, Just Add Power offers two 4K systems:

  1. MaxColor - released in 2022
  2. 3G Ultra - released in 2015

Our company philosophy is to support products for decades, so both of these systems will be around for a long time. You need only look to our support for 2G (released in 2010 and still supported today) to see our commitment to protecting your investment.

You can find a simple, marketing comparison between the two systems on the Platform Differences page on our main website.

This article addresses the further technical comparisons between them.

Start here to plan a MaxColor system.

Start here to plan a 3G Ultra system.


Aside from video differences, the MaxColor and 3G Ultra systems offer different support for Just Add Power features; mainly because of how new MaxColor is. We plan on adding all of these features to MaxColor, but it will take time.

Feature MaxColor 3G Ultra
4K Video 4K60 4K30
HDR HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ HDR10, HLG
All audio formats Yes Yes
Dolby Digital 5.1 downmixing   Yes
Stereo analog audio port Yes Yes
Stereo delay and volume   Yes
Mic-in and Line-in   Yes
Endpoint control via RS232 Yes Yes
Endpoint control via CEC Yes Yes
Endpoint control via IR Yes Yes
HDMI Loopout Yes Yes
KVM Support Yes Yes
Image Pull Yes, JPG Yes, BMP or PNG
MJPEG stream Yes  
Wallplate Form-Factor   Yes
Video Tiling   Yes
Landscape Standard Video Wall Yes Yes
Portrait Standard Video Wall Yes Yes
Mosaic Video Wall   Yes
Warp Transmitter   Yes
Dante Audio   Yes
POE Yes Yes
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  • 08-Mar-2024